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oakwood Vaughan Toronto Real Estate Houses

Prior to 1998, Oakwood-Vaughan has many nicknames from Oakwood Village to the OV and was considered part of the former City of York before the amalgamation of Toronto. The neighbourhood's northern part is nicknamed Five Points thanks to the intersection of Oakwood Avenue, Vaughan Road, and Belvidere Avenue. The western half was dubbed Northcliffe and is more currently known as Northcliffe Village. The boundaries are from Eglinton Avenue West in the north to St. Clair Avenue West in the south, Dufferin Street in the West and Winnett and Arlington Aveues  to the east. Rogers Road runs right up the middle


Oakwood - Vaughan Toronto Real Estate:

oakwood Vaughan Toronto Real Estate Houses

The neighbourhood contains a varied mix of homes that accommodates a wide variety of needs. Some of the smaller bungalows in the city can be found here, in neighbourhoods that have been european strongholds for years. New construction intermingles with brick and stucco homes from the post war period, and apartment buildings along the periphery offer lower cost housing to the more working class portion of the neighbourhood demographic.

This neighbourhood offers a wide range of property prices, including some of the most affordable (and sometimes smallest) detached house prices available in the city. Continuing transition suggests that it is one of the few places in the city that may still be undervalued. If the condo market is not your thing, this could be a neighbourhood worthy of consideration, especially if you’re buying on a budget. Homes tend to range from $480,000 to over $2,000,000.



Oakwood, Toronto Houses 2018 1st Quarter Report


    2018         2017   Difference
House Sales   198         207   - 4%
Homes Average Price   $1,740,969         $1,706,791    2%
% of Sales Price to Listing Price   99%         104%   - 4.8%
Days on Market   18         16   -12.5%

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