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Little Portugal Houses Toronto Real Estate

The Little Portugal neighbourhood, located in the west end of Toronto, is also known as Portugal Village. It's mainly residential, but you can find some shopping along College Street and also along Dundas Street West. Mid-century homes are popular there, and you can find a lovely place to live whether you want to rent or buy. If you're planning on purchasing, you can get into the neighbourhood for less than $300,000 or spend much more. Some of the homes have been more restored than others, and you can find something that's completely ready to move into or one that you can put your personal style on.

Little Portugal West Toronto Real Estate:

Little Portugal Houses Toronto Real Estate

Little Portugal is one of Toronto's most unique neighbourhoods. Colourful homes on everystreet. Still affordable many of the homes tend to be semis with detached scattered throughout. Reasonably priced Little Portugal is a neighbourhood for everyone. 

Smaller lots many around 20ft. wide and 100 deep, Little Prtugal is one of Toronto's most colourful neighbourhoods a close knit community.

We are seeing more condos appear in this area.

Why Live in Little Portugal, Toronto?

Little Portugal Houses Toronto Real Estate

There's plenty of public transportation in the area, too, so you'll have a way to get to around the community and to plenty of other neighbourhoods, including downtown. With so many convenient ways to travel around and everything so close by, Little Portugal can be an excellent place to live. It's a distinctive community, but it's also a welcoming area full of beautiful homes to consider as your next place. Then you can start getting settled in, and find furniture and decor in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Before you know it, your new place will feel like home to you.

Then you can start enjoying all that the Little Portugal area has to offer, like the recreational activities available at McCormick Park. There's a recreation center and arena there, and it's a hub of activity for the youth in the area and others in the neighbourhood who want to spend time in nature and getting to know their neighbors. If you have children, there are three schools in the community, as well. There's something for everyone, and plenty of opportunities for you to get to know the people around you so you can start really getting comfortable in the neighbourhood. 


Little Portugal, Toronto Houses 2018 1st Quarter Report


    2018         2017   Difference
House Sales   52         68   - 23%
Homes Average Price   $612,741         $659,660    - 7%
% of Sales Price to Listing Price   106%         112%   - 6%
Days on Market   10         9   -10%


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